Trailers of The Week: Lucifer:The Final Season & Doom Patrol Season 3!

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Trailers dropped a few days ago announcing new seasons for two shows, both based on DC Universe properties: The sixth and final season Lucifer on Netflix and Doom Patrol Season 3 on HBO Max. Both shows are really interesting in different ways. Doom Patrol is one of the fucking weirdest superhero television shows ever made, which is part of the fun. While I really enjoy Doom Patrol, it’s certainly not a series for everybody. Lucifer on the other hand he is a series that I genuinely love to watch. I’ll be sad to see it go, but all good things must come to an end. I’m just glad that the creators are ending the series on their terms, instead of potentially dragging the show on and risking a dip in quality. I’m happy to see Lucifer end on a high note. Not to mention six seasons pretty damn good run. Take a look at the trailers posted below to watch for yourself…

Lucifer: The Final Season will premiere September 10th on Netflix

Doom Patrol Season 3 drops on HBO Max September 23rd

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The 15th Anniversary Of Constantine: An Underrated Cult Classic

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Normally, this is the time of year when we’d be right in the middle of the San Diego Comic-Con. Some of the year’s biggest announcements about our favorite movies, TV shows, and comic books are made at this event. Unfortunately, due to the continued threat of the COVID-19 outbreak, the mega-convention couldn’t be held this year and I can’t say I blame them. Imagine it, thousands of sweaty, nerdy fans, decked out in their cosplay, in 90+ degree heat with 80% humidity, as they all walk around hacking and coughing a deadly virus on each other. Half of the attendees would be in the hospital by the end of the week. Not a pretty picture. 

     However, we weren’t completely left empty-handed, the folks behind the long running annual fan event, came up with  Comic-Con@Home, multiple panels were live streamed online for folks to enjoy a little bit of Comic-Con from the comfort and safety of their own home. Nothing beats the real Comic-Con experience, but they still put together some very interesting panels. One of the highlights, for me at least, was the Constantine 15th Anniversary Panel. Star Keanu Reeves, producer Akiva Goldman, and director Francis Lawrence discussed the 2005 film with one of writers from Collider. 

Constantine takes a trip to Hell

    I want to take a minute and to give the film some context. John Constantine is easily among my top 10 favorite comic book characters. He was created by legendary comic book writer Alan Moore during his Swamp Thing run for DC and the physical inspiration for Constantine was world famous musician, Sting. The character was enough of a standout to warrant his own series from DC under their mature readers imprint, Vertigo, called Hellblazer. Constantine was sort of a con-man mage based out of London. Writers like Neil Gaiman, Garth Ennis, Brian Azzerello, and Warren Ellis have all done memorable work with the character, in fact Hellblazer was the longest running books in Vertigo’s history. 

Constantine is a little more high profile these days, appearing in both live-action and animated TV shows and films. Most notably, actor Matt Ryan has portrayed John Constantine in pretty much every appearance the character has made over the last 6 years. We first saw Ryan’s interpretation of the role in the short-lived (but cancelled too soon) Constantine TV series (2014-2015). Unlike Keanu Reeves, the British and blonde haired Matt Ryan is much more in line with the traditional depiction of John Constantine. But you can’t keep a good warlock down, and Matt Ryan reprised the role of John Constantine on Arrow and eventually became a series regular on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (these appearances retroactively made the Constantine TV series part of The Arrowverse). Ryan has also voiced the character in multiple animated films, like Justice League Dark and Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, as well as an animated miniseries. Much like Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as The Joker, Matt Ryan has become the unofficial, definitive version of John Constantine in the eyes of many fans.

Matt Ryan as John Constantine

   Having said all that, I think 2005’s Constantine is an extremely underrated movie that deserves more credit than it gets. On paper this movie should not work. First of all, John Constantine is one of the best comic book characters ever created and holds a lot of reverence with fans. Does Keanu Reeves sound anything the character I described above? A British, street sorcerer that looks like Sting? At the time, casting Keanu Reeves in the title role seemed like a weird and misguided choice for the movie. That’s strike one. Producer, Alkiva Goldman, has had his name attached to some truly dog shit projects over the years, including Joel Schumacher’s infamous Batman & Robin. Strike two. Finally, this beloved character was in the hands of a first time film director, who predominantly directed music videos before this movie. Strike three! But goddammit if they don’t manage to pull it off. Not only did the movie work, it was pretty damn great.

Lucifer pays John a visit. The only Soul he’d come to personally collect himself.

   Despite the changes to the source material, especially the casting of Keanu Reeves and the film taking place in LA instead of London, the movie did a phenomenal job at capturing the essence of John Constantine and his world. Keanu was so good in the role that the superficial changes didn’t matter as much as you’d think. The spirit of the character was there. Reeves did a better job of inhabiting John Constantine than a lot of other actors in comic book films that seem perfectly cast from the jump. There are so many great, little moments throughout the film that show how Keanu Reeves and the filmmakers really get exactly who this guy is and what makes him tick. 

   The look of the film, the supporting cast, Peter Stormare as Lucifer, are just a few examples of what makes this movie an underrated gem. I definitely recommend checking out the full panel, which you can watch right here:

It sounds like Keanu is up for a sequel, which would be pretty cool. So what do you guys think? Is Constantine an underrated classic? Or am I nuts and it’s a piece of shit? Let me know in the comments below.

Constantine, Papa Midnite (Djimon Hounsou), and Chas (Shia LaBeouf)

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NEW TRAILERS: Project Power! Lucifer Season 5!

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A few new trailers for upcoming Netflix projects dropped this week (one returning series and one film). They both look pretty cool. I had some brief thoughts that I wanted to share about them and you can take a look at some images and the trailers for yourself below…

Project Power

Until movie theaters open again, God knows when, because of the massive shit show that is the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re going to have to settle for getting of Summer Movie fix through streaming services. This is the time of the year when the biggest, most expensive, and insane Hollywood Blockbusters are supposed to come out! At least Netflix and a few of the other streaming services have put out a few solid summer action movies. I particularly enjoyed The Old Guard starring Charlize Theron (here’s my review to refresh you’re memory: ). Now we have Project Power starring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon Levitt. The idea of a dangerous street drug that temporarily grants super powers is nothing new in superhero storytelling. So this movie isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel. But there were enough interesting and cool visuals to make want to check it out when it hits Netflix on 8/14/20. Check out the trailer: had some cool images from the movie, which I have posted here…

Lucifer Season 5:

When Lucifer premiered on Fox a few years back, I absolutely hated the concept. You see, THIS version of Lucifer first appeared as a recurring in the classic comic book series, The Sandman, written by Neil Gaiman. The character was popular and interesting enough to get his own critically acclaimed, spin-off comic book series, Lucifer created by Mike Carey. Both books were very dark and adult, so they were published by DC Comics under the legendary Vertigo imprint. Vertigo was kind of like HBO for comic books, meaning the creators were able to do whatever they damn well pleased without censorship (for the most part anyway…). Classic comic books like Preacher, 100 Bullets, Fables, and Ex Machina were all published under Vertigo. To be clear, the Lucifer TV series is an adaptation of that version of the character, when I saw that FOX’s take was essentially a police procedural like Bones, Monk, Castle, or Elementary and the THOUSANDS of other shows just like them, I was disgusted. These shows all have the same formula: a straight laced detective is forced to partnered with a quirky and unique individual, whose unorthodox gimmick is shockingly effective at solving crimes (Oh, and of course they’ll eventually fall in love after years of “Will They/Wont They?”, romantic and sexual tension)! That might as well be describing 30 other stupid fucking shows on TV. After seeing the pilot, there was nothing to convince me that this was anything but Lucifer, in name only. Just another dumb procedural. Why the fuck would The Devil want to solve mysteries with the LAPD? However, it managed to gathered a cult following and I kept hearing that the show was pretty good and a lot of fun. When the show moved to Netflix for its fourth season, I decided to give it shot and binge watched entire series so far. Surprisingly, I enjoyed the hell out of it (and NO, that wasn’t a pun! I don’t do puns, goddammit!). As the show continues, the police element is still there, but the series has gotten more and more into the mythology of other Angels, Demons, Lucifer discovering more about himself, Hell, God, and more. The show is at its best when it focuses on those story elements. Their ace in the hole is Tom Ellis who plays Lucifer. The guy is so damned charismatic and fun to watch. We haven’t seen a version of The Devil quite like this one yet and Tom Ellis absolutely crushes it. Even a weak episode is still entertaining because of Tom Ellis’ performance. The series was originally planned to wrap up after it’s upcoming 5th season, but the show has proved to be so popular that Netflix ordered more episodes, extending Season 5 (which will now be split in 2-parts). Not only are fans getting more episodes for this new season, but Netflix has already ordered a 6th season. It’s a good time to be a fan of this series. Check out the trailer below:

Lucifer Season 5 premiere on Netflix on 8/21/2020

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PODCAST: Good Omens! Chernobyl! Swamp Thing! Deadwood! & More!

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  This was one HELL of weekend for great television. I watched some of the best shows and miniseries that I’d seen all year, just between last Saturday and Sunday. Amazon Prime debuted their six-episode miniseries Good Omens on Thursday. The story is based on the classic novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. A unique and fun blend of comedy/drama/fantasy, the miniseries follows a demon named Crowley (David Tennent) and an angel named Aziraphael (Michael Sheen) who’ve been on Earth since the Garden of Eden a develop an unlikely friendship over the millennials. When orders come from their higher ups that Armageddon is about to begin with the birth of The Antichrist, Crowley and Aziraphael do everything they can to stop the Apocalypse because the like living on Earth too much. There’s a lot to love here, including a fantastic supporting cast (Jon Hamm, Francis McDormand, Brian Cox, etc.), but what makes the miniseries a real home run is the amazing chemistry between David Tennent and Michael Sheen. They’re very entertaining to watch. The show lights up whenever they’re on screen together and the genuine affection they have for one another, despite what they say to the contrary, is very sweet.

  Finally after years of rumors and false starts, Deadwood: The Movie premiered on HBO Friday night. The classic HBO series ran for three seasons from 2003 to 2006. When the show was canceled, the series didn’t have any opportunity to offer closure for the characters or the story. So this movie is what longtime fans who never received a resolution to major storylines and character arcs have been waiting for. The movie is a beautiful love letter to Deadwood. Getting to see where our favorite characters like Bullock, Trixie, Dan, and of course Ian McShane as the iconic Al Swearengen, along with so many others characters large and small.

   HBO also wrapped up their terrifying and sobering miniseries Chernobyl, starring Jarred Harris and Stellan Skarsgard. The miniseries offer a grim and frightening look into the true story of the Russian Chernobyl Power Plant nuclear reactor explosion in 1986. The show chronicles the event, which was one the worst man made disasters in history. It’s a gripping show that is PAUL SR.’s PERSONAL HOT PICK OF THE WEEK!

   The last show we cover on this week’s podcast is the launch of the latest live-action original series from the DC Universe Streaming Service, Swamp Thing. The story follows Dr. Abigail Arcane (Crystal Reed), a doctor working for the CDC who has to return to her home town in Louisiana following a bizarre outbreak. There she meets disgraced scientist Alec Holland (Andy Bean) who believes that outbreak is connected to some very weird shit going on in the local swamp. So far, DC Universe has only released the first episode with a new episode becoming available every Friday. I’ve enjoyed all of the original content DC Universe has put out so far, but this series premiere was by far my favorite. The performances are solid with a good cast, but what makes the show really stand out, is how it leans hard into the horror aspects of the source material to great effect. I’m a huge Swamp Thing fan and the first episode had me itching for more.

    Each show couldn’t be more different from the other, but they’re all spectacular! Join myself and co-host Paul Sr as we breakdown each of these fantastic projects!  Listen here or subscribe on Stitcher, ITunes, & more:



Enjoy and thanks for listening!


NYCC 2018! Trailers Galore!

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This weekend was the New York Comic-Con. Probably the second largest Comic-Con in the world after the San Diego Comic-Con. Much like SDCC, this Con premiered some very cool trailers. Though there were a few interesting movie trailers, most of the big trailers for NYCC were for shows on TV or streaming services. Below I’ve rounded up all of my favorites so you don’t have to go looking yourself! It’s your best stop for all the coolest trailers! Enjoy!

Good Omens (Amazon Prime)


This one caught me by surprise and is probably my favorite trailer of the Con. Good Omens was a fantasy/comedy novel written by Neil Gaiman (American Gods, The Sandman) and Terry Pratchett and published in 1990. For years people have tried turning the novel into a movie, most notably director Terry Gilliam. Television being what it is now, where it’s able to bring big screen production values, casting, and talent to long form story telling, Amazon Prime seems perfect for Good Omens. With a cast that includes Michael Sheen, David Tennant, and Jon Hamm, Good Omens has just become one of my most anticipated television projects in 2019.


American Gods Season 2 (Starz)


Speaking of Neil Gaiman, we also got our first look at Season 2 of American Gods. Season 1 was pretty damn great, but by no means perfect. I’m a little concerned about some behind the scenes issues the show has had. They changed Showrunners between seasons, for example.  However, a lot of shows go through growing pains and this trailer looks like they’ve kicked things up a notch for Season 2. I definitely recommend checking out Season 1 if you haven’t already.



Daredevil Season 3 (Netflix)


Now we’re talking! We have two trailers here. There have already been a few trailers for Daredevil Season 3, but this is the first real story trailer we’ve seen for this season. It looks to be largely borrowing from the graphic novels “Born Again” and “Guardian Devil”. However, the Showrunner has said that the season is its own unique tale while still borrowing elements from those classic stories.


This is a quick character trailer focusing on Bullseye! I’ve been waiting since Season 1 for them to introduce this villain. Bullseye is probably Matt Murdock’s greatest rival besides Wilson Fisk. I can’t wait to see The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen face off against the Assassin Who Never Misses. October 19th can’t come soon enough.



The Boys (Amazon Prime)



The Boys is based on a comic book by writer Garth Ennis (the creator of Preacher) and artist Darick Robertson. It’s an extremely fucked up, but fantastic story about a group of CIA black ops psychos who “deal” with out of control superheroes. And when is say “deal” I mean brutally fucking kill. The cast is certainly good and it looks like Amazon Prime is really upping their game.




Finally, we have an extended look at Aquaman. I think this looks fantastic and I hope they knock it out of the park. I LOVE Black Manta’s costume and Aquaman’s more classic look that we see in the comics. James Wan is a spectacular and versatile director. This definitely has the potential to be something truly unique in the genre. Aquaman opens on 12/21.


Thanks for reading and watching!


PODCAST: Paul’s Pulls (Ep.2)

Hey Everybody!

It’s Paul here and today I have the latest episode of my new Podcast that’s all about comic books, “Paul’s Pulls”! This episode is the “State Of The Batman Union”! What good and what’s not so good about the Batman comics coming out of DC right now. This is a 2 part episode, so expect part 2 up soon. I really appreciate everyone being so supportive and giving the show a try! So here’s Episode 1, listen here or subscribe on iTunes:






The big event of the last few weeks for genre fans everywhere was undoubtedly the opening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. I was so eager to see this damn movie that the first thing I did after being discharged from a 4 day hospital visit for pneumonia, was run to the movie theatre to see Guardians 2. The first Guardians film was lightening in a bottle. One of those rare cinematic experiences that’s impossible to recreate. It was an instant classic.

Though Guardians 2 can’t quite reach the dizzying heights of its predecessor it’s a richer and more mature film. I have a lot more I could say about Guardians 2, but the short answer is I absolutely loved it. Also, I doubt anything I have to say would be all that different from a million other blogs and websites. So, I decided to take the opportunity to spotlight another excellent new piece of genre entertainment that isn’t getting quite as much coverage as it deserves: American Gods, the new Starz series that premiered a few weeks ago.

To borrow an overused phrase, we are living in the golden age of television. I feel we have officially reached the point where television has caught up to and in many ways surpassed feature films. When I looked back at 2016, all of my favorite on screen moments came from television. I would put Game of Thrones and Westworld against the best films of the year in terms of both spectacle and dramatic storytelling. Marvel is doing some of it’s best work in any medium on Netflix with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage. What started with Arrow on The CW gave birth to a full blown DC cinematic universe that’s a lot more fun and thrilling than the films DCEU has on the big screen. FX knocked it out of the park with Legion, a comic book show that’s unlike anything on TV. And those are just a few of my favorites. Stranger Things, Fargo, House of Cards, there’s a wealth of great content from every genre. In my opinion, Starz has produced another fantastic must see show with American Gods.


American Gods is based on the acclaimed novel by the legendary Neil Gaiman. Gaiman is an award winning fantasy novelist and comic book writer, arguably most well known for being the creator of the groundbreaking comic book series, The Sandman. Neil Gaiman has been one of my favorite writers for years. Regardless of the subject matter, anytime Gaiman has a new book out, I can’t wait to read it.
American Gods is one of my favorite books and when Starz announced it was adapting the novel as a TV series, I was cautiously optimistic. I’m happy to say that so far, American Gods has exceeded my expectations.

American Gods Season 1 2017

American Gods is the story of a man named Shadow Moon played by Ricky Whittle, who just a few days before being released from prison, is told he’s getting out early because his wife has died. As an added kick in the nuts, not only did his wife die, she died in a car accident while performing oral sex on Shadow’s best friend who also died in the car wreck. With his world completely shattered, Shadow heads home to take care of his affairs. While on his flight home, he meets a charming and enigmatic man who calls himself Mr. Wednesday, played by the great Ian McShane. Wednesday seems to know way more about Shadow than he should and wants to offer him a job. Wednesday has a road trip planned to recruit some of his old friends for a mysterious mission and he wants Shadow to be his right hand man on the trip. Shadow knows that there’s something extremely shady about this guy, but he’s so lost at that moment he accepts the job against his better judgement. From there, Wednesday drags Shadow into a surreal conflict between old gods and the powerful new gods who’ve replaced them. Gods survive and thrive on human worship and not many people are worshiping Anubis or Odin these days. Media, Technology, Firearms, these are some the new American gods and they have no interest in sharing the world with the old gods.

Shadow is tough role to cast. He’s a blank slate in some ways and with the wrong actor in the part it probably wouldn’t work. Fortunately Ricky Whittle is perfect as Shadow. He manages to make Shadow likable, sympathetic, and intelligent, which makes you end up rooting for him to make it through this insane journey in one piece. Ian McShane is one of our greatest living actors and it’s very fun to watch him play Mr. Wednesday. You know the guy is probably a piece of shit, but you really like him anyway. You can definitely see how a sharp guy like Shadow could get involved with this guy even though it’s most likely a really, really bad idea. The supporting roles are filled by fantastic actors like Peter Stormare, Crispin Glover, Cloris Leachman, Orlando Jones, and Gillian Anderson.

One of the very cool ideas the show plays with, is power of human belief. As the new god Media played by Gillian Anderson says, millions of people worship her for hours every day, staring at televisions, smartphones, and tablets. To Media, in the 21st-century, attention is a more valuable form of worship than blood sacrifice.

The things we put our faith in only have the power and meaning that we allow them to have. Whether it’s an old god like Anansi or a new god like the Technical Boy, the god of technology, their power stems from the importance we give them. Which begs the question do we have faith in something that’s already there or is it our faith and belief that allows them to exist? It’s unique and fascinating idea.

In addition to the original American Gods novel, Neil Gaiman has written a quasi-sequel called Anansi Boys, as well as several short stories that take place in and feature characters from the American Gods universe (all of which I highly recommend you read). So there’s a wealth of material for the show to draw from and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here… Oh, and a guy has anal sex with a genie cab driver with one of the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen. That’s got to be worth the price of admission alone, right?

Only 3 episodes into the 8 episode first season and I’m hooked (you can watch all of the episodes that have aired so far on demand or on the Starz app on any device). The cast is incredible and the look of the show is beautiful and different. Trust me, give this spectacular show a shot. American Gods airs Sunday nights on Starz.

Thanks for reading everyone!


Best Non- Superhero Comic Books For New & Returning Readers

Hey everybody, when I started this blog, promoting comic books as a medium was one of my primary goals. Comics have had a massive surge in popularity over the last 10 years due to the explosion of superhero properties on the big screen and on TV. Of course, while there are a variety of excellent superhero comic books to read, superhero stories only scratch the surface of what the comic book medium is capable of. So this week in my “Comic Book of the Week” article, instead of picking the best comic book that came out, I’m going to list some of the best comic book series that aren’t necessarily superhero stories.


Right off the bat, for new readers, I want to explain how comic books are published. Comic book storytelling is best described as a mix between a novel and a television show. Comic book publishers put out hundreds of books every month, so to new readers, the whole thing can be a bit intimidating.

Take for example “The Walking Dead”, the comic book created by Robert Kirkman that is the basis for the mega-popular hit AMC show. Like all comics, The Walking Dead began with its first issue, The Walking Dead #1 published in October 2003. Since then a new issue has come out every month (just like a magazine comes out once a month). Most comic books break up into “story arcs”, one overarching story taking place over 6-12 issues, with each individual issue acting as chapters in the story. Like episodes of a TV show or chapters in a novel. Once a story arc is completed, the publisher will put collected editions that contain the entire story in one book. These are the “graphic novels” that you see in bookstores like Barnes & Noble. This continues on for however long a comic exists. Some like Batman have been around for over 75 years.
So there you have it Comic Books 101… Below are some of the best comics ever written and the best place to start reading them. This is a list specifically for people who may have read some comics in the past or have seen the movies, but aren’t sure what’s for them or where to start.
This is going to be the first in a series of articles about the best and coolest comic books out there. Below each of my picks I’ve included an Amazon link for the best editions of each of these series for those of you who want to jump right in and purchase a copy for yourself! (And I highly recommend that you do!)

The Sandman writer- Neil Gaiman/ Artist – Various
Considering that this is easily one of the finest pieces of comic book literature every published, I’m often surprised how few comic book readers I know have actually read this series. This isn’t just great storytelling, it’s art. Neil Gaiman’s magnum opus holds the important distinction of being one of the first comics to have a largely female readership. The Sandman defies description, but at its center is Morpheus of The Endless, Lord of The Dreaming (the land we all go to when we dream). The series involves everything from William Shakespeare to Ancient Rome, Lucifer, Pagan Gods, a serial killer convention, Batman and million other wonderful things in between. But most simply put, The Sandman is a story about stories.
The entire series is available in trade paperback. The first volume is The Sandman vol.1 Preludes and Nocturnes, but the series CAN be read out of order so I would recommend starting with The Sandman vol.4 Season of Mists.


Preacher writer- Garth Ennis/ Artist- Steve Dillon

Preacher is an American classic. If I had to call Preacher anything, it’d be a Western. It’s the story of a man named Jesse Custer and his quest to find God…literally. Along with his great love Tulip and his best friend Cassidy, the trio embark on a batshit crazy road trip across the country to find “The Good Lord”. Really though this story is a love letter to America as only an immigrant can tell it. Writer Garth Ennis is from Ireland and the America of Preacher isn’t the America we all really know. It’s the America of hope, dreams, darkness, optimism, danger, and beauty. Ennis’ outsider viewpoint may show an America seen through rose colored glasses, but this story of duty, love, friendship, honor, and faith is probably my favorite work of fiction PERIOD. Ride into the sunset with Jesse Custer and his motley crew of characters, you’ll be glad you did.
Pick up the first trade paperback in this series, Preacher vol.1 Gone to Texas. By the way, though it’s by no means a terrible adaptation, stay away from AMC’s Preacher tv series. Just read the comics which concludes with Preacher vol.9 Alamo. Also, if you’re really religious, stay the FUCK away from this series.


Archie writer- Mark Waid/ Artist- Fiona Staples
Archie is a perfect example of the versatility of comic books. Fantasy and Sci-Fi not for you? How about a charming, delightful high school comedy? Archie has been a very lame comic book staple for decades. The stories center on lovable high school student Archie Andrews and his perpetual love triangle with girl next door, Betty and cosmopolitan, rich girl Veronica. Along with Archie’s loyal best buddy Jughead, the students of Riverdale High have been engaging in lame, 1950s-esque hijinks for years. Until, a few years ago when someone had the genius yet obvious idea to update Archie for the 21st-century. The basic concept is the same, the characters and their basic archetypes are the same. But they got one of the best writer/artist teams in the industry to craft what is essentially an incredibly entertaining coming of age comedy. This is not a gritty reboot at all, but the best example I can give is, Archie used to be Batman & Robin and they made it Batman Begins. Writer Mark Waid is the guy who gave us modern masterpieces like Kingdom Come and artist Fiona Staples is drawing Saga, which is currently one of Image’s hottest titles. I had zero interest in this book, but I kept hearing how good it was and it lived up to the hype. This book is an absolute blast. Just a really fun comedy about high school. This is the perfect book to give to your wife or girlfriend who is reluctant to read a comic book.
Archie vol.1 & 2 are both available in trade paperback now.


Bone Writer/Artist- Jeff Smith

Bone is the rare comic book that can be genuinely, equally enjoyed by both a 10 year old and a 60 year old. Many comics or films try to make that claim but it’s very rarely true. Bone is the exception. Imagine if you crossed Lord of the Rings with classic Walt Disney and you’d get something very much like Bone. I first read Bone when I was around 10 years old and my mind was blown.  It was the first time that I realized how cool comic books could be. As an adult, I’ve revisited Bone many times. Most recently, a year or two ago, I re-read the whole series and I enjoyed it even more than I did when I was a kid. The story and characters are so rich that I picked up on subtleties and nuances I missed as a child. There’s magic in revisiting a story you think you know and seeing it in a whole new light. Bone is a funny, thrilling, heartfelt fantasy epic with wonderful characters and an engrossing story. Give the first volume, Bone vol.1 Out From Boneville, to the 10-year old in your life and it won’t be long until they’re begging you for vol.2. The entire series is collected in very affordable softcover volume, Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic, which is a great way to read this fantastic series. As I said above, the whole series is also available in trade paperback starting with Bone vol.1 Out From Boneville.

Here are a few other great series you may want to look into if you like any of my above recommendations:
American Vampire
The Walking Dead

Enjoy guys!

– Paul