About Us


Paul is writer, artist, podcaster, and producer. He is the founder and Editor-In-Chief of World’s Best Media. He’s a life long movie buff and comic book fan. Paul is also a Catering company owner who lives in the Boston area.

Tim is a podcaster, producer, occasional writer and actor. He also dabbles in screenwriting. Tim is a passionate movie fan who live in the Boston area.

Ryan is a video editing expert, producer, film expert, writer, podcast co-host, and occasional short film director. The man wears many hats. Like Paul and Tim, he’s a massive movie fan. Ryan also lives in the Boston area.

Michael is a writer with his own blog and the author of a book of short stories. He is a husband and father. He also won the Olympic Silver Metal in fencing for the US several years ago. Mike lives near Raleigh, NC.