FIRST LOOK: Invincible Season 2!

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While many would argue that pop culture has become oversaturated with superhero content, there are still some spectacular stories being told n that highlight the superhero genre still has more to offer. One of those projects is the Amazon Prime animated series Invincible, based on the comic book of the same name from The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman. After only one season, Invincible has already cemented itself as one of the best superhero shows of all time. With stellar performances from an incredible voice cast, shocking twists, and visceral action sequences, Invincible has distinguished itself as the best of the best. Invincible is to superhero stories what Game of Thrones is to fantasy epics. Invincible is well aware that the audience has been exposed to over 20 years of superhero tropes and story beats from countless other movie and TV adaptations, and gleefully subverts those expectations with shocking results. It’s exactly the shot in the arm that the genre needs when even the biggest fans are starting to feel some superhero fatigue.

After Season 1 became a massive hit, Amazon Prime was eager to begin production on more episodes. The animated series was quickly renewed for a second and third season. Season 1 acted as a fantastic adaptation of the source material and having read the comic book series, I can say that we’ve only scratched the surface of Invincible‘s potential. If you think Season 1 was wild, wait till you see the some of the places this story goes next.

With so many fans excited for Season 2, the question on everyone’s mind is, when will we see new episodes premiere on the streaming platform? Well, as you’ll see in the very fun video below, we got our answer. Well, kind of. Take a look for yourself…

As Allen The Alien would say “OK, I’ll take it.“. Sure, would I like to see a Summer 2023 release date instead of a late 2023 release date? Absolutely. But animated series can often take a lot longer to make than live action shows, so I’m just happy that we’re getting Season 2 sometime this year. In the meantime, if you want to check out another unique and subversive superhero show, check out Amazon Prime’s other hit comic book series, The Boys. Invincible and The Boys are two of my favorite shows being produced right now, so odds are if you enjoy one, you’ll probably like the other. Plus, you can be sure that as soon as we have more information on the upcoming season of Invincible, you can count on World’s Best Media to keep you updated!

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PODCAST: INVINCIBLE: Reinventing The Superhero Genre!

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It’s all about INVINCIBLE this week, baby! On this episode we go over everything that makes this series great: the characters, the season’s major story arcs, the incredible cast with standout performances from J.K. Simmons, Steven Yuen, Walton Goggins, Sandra Oh, Zachary Quinto, to name a few, every brilliant twist, turn, and surprise throughout the season, and so much more!

SPOILER ALERT! The images below depict Omni-Man’s slaughter of The Guardians of The Globe!

This is the show that everyone is going to be talking about. Potentially the “Game of Thrones of the Superhero genre”, as we say in the episode. So don’t miss this killer installment of The World’s Best Podcast! Thanks for listening and enjoy! FULL SPOILERS

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After a brief hiatus, we’re back! for WBM SPRING 2021 Movie & TV Preview: Week 2/Week3! Today we’re going to take a look at the excellent new Amazon Prime series, INVINCIBLE…

Mark Grayson AKA Invincible

Amazon Prime’s New Series INVINCIBLE

At first glance, Invincible appears to be another coming-of-age superhero tale mixed with a variation on The Superman Archetype. However, this fantastic new series from Amazon Prime actually subverts every troupe and expectation that comes along with the above mentioned stories, to create it’s own wonderfully rich and unique series. Invincible is based on the phenomenal comic book series of the same name from writer Robert Kirkman, creator of The  Walking Dead. Animation is the perfect way to tell this story because the universe of Invincible is as wild and creative as the Marvel or DC Universes. If you like superhero movies and TV, but are looking for something new from the genre, Invincible is the series for you.

So What’s It About?

Invincible and Atom Eve flying together. Eve has the ability to manipulate matter on a molecular level.

17 year old Mark Grayson is a typical teenager, except for the fact his father is Omni-Man, the world’s greatest superhero. Kind of like Superman, Mark’s dad is an alien from another world called Viltrum. Omni-Man, or Nolan Grayson, came to earth on a peacekeeping mission and eventually met his wife Debbie. Being half Mark will inherit his fathers abilities. When he finally does, he jumps right in the superhero game. Whether it’s rescuing people or stopping bad guys so low, working with all the superheroes like teen teen or the guardians of the globe, or working with his dad who is training him on how to use his abilities and develop them over time. Nolan and Debbie are still very much in love and Mark is over the moon about finally got his powers. There’ loving family who care deeply about one another. However, things aren’t as perfect as they seem.

Steven Yuen as Mark
Mark at high school

Though not a full-time member, Invincible often works with superhero groups like The Teen Team and The Guardians of The Globe. The member of the team team that in March is most friendly is Adam and Eve, if you can go to Marks high school. Mark finds himself in an interesting love triangle between his new girlfriend Amber and fellow superhero Atom Eve, who undeniably has feelings for Mark.

(Left to Right: Rex-Splode, Atom Eve, Invincible (Mark Grayson), Dupli-Kate)
L. Amber; R. Eve

This series has so much going for it, I almost don’t know where to start. The vocal performances are fantastic, mostly due to the stellar voice cast. Steven Yuen (Glenn from The Walking Dead) plays the series lead, Mark Grayson/Invincible. This was pitch perfect casting and Yuen doesn’t disappoint with a excellent  performance. Sandra Oh plays Marks mom and wife of J.K. Simmons’ Omniman, The worlds most powerful superhero. Speaking of, another highlight in the series is JK Simmons, who adds another iconic comic book character to his resume as Mark’s father Omniman, the world’s most powerful superhero. His performance in the Spider-Man films as J. Jonah Jameson is one of the best marriages of character and actor in any superhero film. Jameson and Omni-Man couldn’t be more different from one another, yet it’s a testament to Simmons’ versatility as an actor that he brings such nuance and subtlety this fascinating and complicated character. With supporting roles that include John Hamm, Gillian Jacobs, Walton Goggins Zachary Quinto Seth Rogen, Kevin Michael Richards, and many, many more. Invincible is absolutely stacked with amazing talent.

Not The Same Old Superhero Story

During the show’s quieter moments, like Grayson’s sharing some family time at home, the animation isn’t dissimilar to the type of animation you’d see in on DC Animated Films or Young Justice on HBO Max (Another MUST WATCH series). It’s a clean, stylish lock, that certainly works, but has a bit of a “stock” feel to it. I almost think this is a deliberate choice by the creators, to once again manipulate viewer expectations. The entire show is about subverting classic superhero stories and over the last 10 or 15 years we got used to a certain style of animation, like what I described above. Then the show cuts loose and it’s a feast for the eyes. The action sequences and fight scenes are detailed, visceral, and brutal. This series doesn’t pull any punches. 

  I should also mention this is an excellent adaptation. When I think of all the big moments and characters that I would really want to see at this point in the story, as a fan of the original comic book, everything I’m looking for is there and then some. It never feels overstuffed, the pacing is pitch perfect. A lot of character, plot, and mythology for giving to us in the first four episodes, but it never feels like too much. Which brings me to another important part of the series identity. Like the comic book it’s based on, Invincible is extremely violent. They do a fantastic job of showing just how gory and vicious the damage could be if someone with powers like Superman really cut loose. The series wisely doesn’t over do it when it comes to how many ultra violent scenes there are. It never comes off as gratuitous. When we do get a particularly brutal scene it’s in service of the larger and really packs a wallop. 

For comic book fans as well as anyone looking for new and different from the genre, Invincible is a MUST WATCH!

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WBM’s SPRING 2021 MOVIE & TV PREVIEW! Week 1: The Falcon & The Winter Soldiers and Zack Snyder’s Justice League! UPDATED

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Paul here… Updated: 3/17/2021

From now to the end of May, some of the years most high profile television shows and films will be premiering on streaming networks, digitally, on-demand, and if you’re bold enough, movie theaters. We’re about to roll out a big World’s Best Media’s SPRING 2021 Movie & TV Preview! This is going to include multiple podcasts, some of our best writers offering up reviews and editorials, exclusive video content, and more! New films and shows like The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Godzilla Vs. Kong, Black Widow, Invincible, Justice Society: World War II, The Irregulars, Jupiter’s Legacy, Invincible and more will all be covered here on World’s Best Media! We’re really excited for you all to see it! Save this page/link to your browser because we’ll be posting multiple updates each week! It could be a new article, a trailer, a first look at a film or TV show poster, or a podcast! We want to provide you with as much fun and interesting new content as possible! Week 1 of World’s Best Media’s SPRING 2021 Movie & TV Preview starts off with a bang! Zack Snyder’s Justice League premieres on HBO Max on 3/18, we already have some beautiful character posters and teasers posted below, to get you psyched for Thursday’s premiere. By Sunday night or Monday morning we’ll have a very special episode of The World’s Best Podcast ready where I recap and review The Snyder Cut, with Tim Cuff and Ryan McDonald, hosts of Cuff’s Basement! However, Zack Snyder’s Justice League isn’t the only exciting project to premiere this week…

Marvel’s The Falcon & The Winter Soldier: (UPDATED on 3/23)

Here’s our FULL SPOILER breakdown/review of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier: Episode 1

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Keep it here at World’s Best Media for continuing coverage of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier…

Marvel’s The Falcon and The Winter Soldier drops the first installment of it’s 6 episode season on Friday 3/19 on Disney+. Marvel has released multiple trailers and images hinting at some thrilling stuff in store for us in this new series. Check them out right here…

Final Trailer:

Teaser #1:

Behind-The-Scenes Look:

    We’ll be updating this page with our review for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, as well as other content pertaining to the series, as it becomes available.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Posters & Character Teasers: (UPDATED with FULL SPOILER REVIEW)

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  Zack Snyder‘s Justice League is absolutely one of the big projects we’re going to cover in our World’s Best Media’s SPRING 2021 Preview! Zack Snyder has posted several cool character teasers, hinting at the arcs for individual heroes in this new film, as well as a few new posters for his 4 hour+, Justice League remake,  premiering HBO Max in just a few weeks. Take a look! UPDATED!!! Check out the epic FINAL TRAILER, new teasers and posters for Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Darkseid!

Final Trailer:

Darkseid Teaser:

The Flash/Aquaman Teaser:

Wonder Woman Teaser:

Cyborg Teaser:

Batman Teaser:

Superman Teaser:

Aquaman Teaser:

Character Posters

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PODCAST: The Walking Dead Season Premiere Commentary With Paul Jr. & Sr.!

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I swore we’d never do another episode on The Walking Dead… (sigh)… But here we are, with an episode all about the season premiere of The Walking Dead! Because I am. A. Fucking. Idiot. This show punches me in the dick and I say “Thank you, sir!  May I have another?!”. When will I fucking learn?

    On the bright side, this is a really fun episode that I think you’re going to love. We have the original walking dead man, Paul Sr. Co-hosting and the sparks fly! We do a kind of commentary/recap/review of the Season 9 premiere of The Walking Dead. We do an in-depth analysis of the series past, present, and future. As well as some insight into how the comic book and the TV series diverge and overlap. What’s going on with Rick, Negan, and the whole Walking Dead gang? Do we even care? How many times can I get words The Walking Dead into one synopsis? Find out right here! 

   We’ve never done an episode quite like this one, so don’t miss it! We had a blast recording it, so we hope you enjoy listening! Listen here or subscribe on Stitcher and iTunes:



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Podcast: The Last Walking Dead Episode We Ever Do, Dammit!

Hey, Everybody

With the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead on Sunday night, we had to cover how the series dealt with the monumental fallout from its mid-season finale. Most of it sucked, I didn’t want to do it, but I was reminded that we covered the last big Walking Dead ep, so we should probably cover this one. No that that’s over with IM OUT! YOU WILL NOT GET ME BACK WITH YOUR SHITTY WRITING AND TRICKS, THE WALKING DEAD!!! FUCK THIS SHOW! Please enjoy our episode 😀




Best Non- Superhero Comic Books For New & Returning Readers

Hey everybody, when I started this blog, promoting comic books as a medium was one of my primary goals. Comics have had a massive surge in popularity over the last 10 years due to the explosion of superhero properties on the big screen and on TV. Of course, while there are a variety of excellent superhero comic books to read, superhero stories only scratch the surface of what the comic book medium is capable of. So this week in my “Comic Book of the Week” article, instead of picking the best comic book that came out, I’m going to list some of the best comic book series that aren’t necessarily superhero stories.


Right off the bat, for new readers, I want to explain how comic books are published. Comic book storytelling is best described as a mix between a novel and a television show. Comic book publishers put out hundreds of books every month, so to new readers, the whole thing can be a bit intimidating.

Take for example “The Walking Dead”, the comic book created by Robert Kirkman that is the basis for the mega-popular hit AMC show. Like all comics, The Walking Dead began with its first issue, The Walking Dead #1 published in October 2003. Since then a new issue has come out every month (just like a magazine comes out once a month). Most comic books break up into “story arcs”, one overarching story taking place over 6-12 issues, with each individual issue acting as chapters in the story. Like episodes of a TV show or chapters in a novel. Once a story arc is completed, the publisher will put collected editions that contain the entire story in one book. These are the “graphic novels” that you see in bookstores like Barnes & Noble. This continues on for however long a comic exists. Some like Batman have been around for over 75 years.
So there you have it Comic Books 101… Below are some of the best comics ever written and the best place to start reading them. This is a list specifically for people who may have read some comics in the past or have seen the movies, but aren’t sure what’s for them or where to start.
This is going to be the first in a series of articles about the best and coolest comic books out there. Below each of my picks I’ve included an Amazon link for the best editions of each of these series for those of you who want to jump right in and purchase a copy for yourself! (And I highly recommend that you do!)

The Sandman writer- Neil Gaiman/ Artist – Various
Considering that this is easily one of the finest pieces of comic book literature every published, I’m often surprised how few comic book readers I know have actually read this series. This isn’t just great storytelling, it’s art. Neil Gaiman’s magnum opus holds the important distinction of being one of the first comics to have a largely female readership. The Sandman defies description, but at its center is Morpheus of The Endless, Lord of The Dreaming (the land we all go to when we dream). The series involves everything from William Shakespeare to Ancient Rome, Lucifer, Pagan Gods, a serial killer convention, Batman and million other wonderful things in between. But most simply put, The Sandman is a story about stories.
The entire series is available in trade paperback. The first volume is The Sandman vol.1 Preludes and Nocturnes, but the series CAN be read out of order so I would recommend starting with The Sandman vol.4 Season of Mists.


Preacher writer- Garth Ennis/ Artist- Steve Dillon

Preacher is an American classic. If I had to call Preacher anything, it’d be a Western. It’s the story of a man named Jesse Custer and his quest to find God…literally. Along with his great love Tulip and his best friend Cassidy, the trio embark on a batshit crazy road trip across the country to find “The Good Lord”. Really though this story is a love letter to America as only an immigrant can tell it. Writer Garth Ennis is from Ireland and the America of Preacher isn’t the America we all really know. It’s the America of hope, dreams, darkness, optimism, danger, and beauty. Ennis’ outsider viewpoint may show an America seen through rose colored glasses, but this story of duty, love, friendship, honor, and faith is probably my favorite work of fiction PERIOD. Ride into the sunset with Jesse Custer and his motley crew of characters, you’ll be glad you did.
Pick up the first trade paperback in this series, Preacher vol.1 Gone to Texas. By the way, though it’s by no means a terrible adaptation, stay away from AMC’s Preacher tv series. Just read the comics which concludes with Preacher vol.9 Alamo. Also, if you’re really religious, stay the FUCK away from this series.


Archie writer- Mark Waid/ Artist- Fiona Staples
Archie is a perfect example of the versatility of comic books. Fantasy and Sci-Fi not for you? How about a charming, delightful high school comedy? Archie has been a very lame comic book staple for decades. The stories center on lovable high school student Archie Andrews and his perpetual love triangle with girl next door, Betty and cosmopolitan, rich girl Veronica. Along with Archie’s loyal best buddy Jughead, the students of Riverdale High have been engaging in lame, 1950s-esque hijinks for years. Until, a few years ago when someone had the genius yet obvious idea to update Archie for the 21st-century. The basic concept is the same, the characters and their basic archetypes are the same. But they got one of the best writer/artist teams in the industry to craft what is essentially an incredibly entertaining coming of age comedy. This is not a gritty reboot at all, but the best example I can give is, Archie used to be Batman & Robin and they made it Batman Begins. Writer Mark Waid is the guy who gave us modern masterpieces like Kingdom Come and artist Fiona Staples is drawing Saga, which is currently one of Image’s hottest titles. I had zero interest in this book, but I kept hearing how good it was and it lived up to the hype. This book is an absolute blast. Just a really fun comedy about high school. This is the perfect book to give to your wife or girlfriend who is reluctant to read a comic book.
Archie vol.1 & 2 are both available in trade paperback now.


Bone Writer/Artist- Jeff Smith

Bone is the rare comic book that can be genuinely, equally enjoyed by both a 10 year old and a 60 year old. Many comics or films try to make that claim but it’s very rarely true. Bone is the exception. Imagine if you crossed Lord of the Rings with classic Walt Disney and you’d get something very much like Bone. I first read Bone when I was around 10 years old and my mind was blown.  It was the first time that I realized how cool comic books could be. As an adult, I’ve revisited Bone many times. Most recently, a year or two ago, I re-read the whole series and I enjoyed it even more than I did when I was a kid. The story and characters are so rich that I picked up on subtleties and nuances I missed as a child. There’s magic in revisiting a story you think you know and seeing it in a whole new light. Bone is a funny, thrilling, heartfelt fantasy epic with wonderful characters and an engrossing story. Give the first volume, Bone vol.1 Out From Boneville, to the 10-year old in your life and it won’t be long until they’re begging you for vol.2. The entire series is collected in very affordable softcover volume, Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic, which is a great way to read this fantastic series. As I said above, the whole series is also available in trade paperback starting with Bone vol.1 Out From Boneville.

Here are a few other great series you may want to look into if you like any of my above recommendations:
American Vampire
The Walking Dead

Enjoy guys!

– Paul