DC FANDOME: New Trailers For The Batman, The Flash, SHAZAM!: Fury of The Gods, Black Adam, & More!

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Last weekend marked the second annual DC Fandome Event. Where fans got an exciting new look at upcoming projects like The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, The Flash film starring Ezra Miller and featuring both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck‘s Batman, Black Adam starring The Rock, and many more. Personally, I found the new trailer for The Batman and the behind-the-scenes look at The Flash were particularly exciting. Below, I’ve posted all of the major trailers and behind-the-scenes videos. There’s something here for every DC fan to be excited about. Another pleasant surprise that coincided with this event was the premiere of the new season of Young Justice on HBO Max. The first two episodes of the new season, titled Young Justice: Phantoms, are currently available on the platform. Anyway, enjoy diving in to all of the cool new projects coming up from DC!

The Batman:

Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League:

The Flash:

Gotham Knights:

The Peacemaker (HBO Max):

Black Adam:

Shazam: Fury of The Gods:

Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom:

Smallville: 20th Anniversary Celebration:

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FIRST LOOK: The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It!

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Happy Halloween everybody! All Hallows’ Eve is upon us once again, what better way to pay tribute to my favorite holiday than to give you an update on the next film in one of my favorite horror movie franchises: The Conjuring films! I’ve often said, horror is a lot like comedy, they’re both subjective. What makes one person laugh, might disgust the next person. What scares one person, might not scare another. What makes The Conjuring 1&2 a cut above the rest, is that they’re not just great horror films, first and foremost they’re just great films. Even if the scares in the movies don’t quite do it for you, the filmmakers are talented enough to make sure that there’s a great story and fascinating characters at the heart of these movies.

I adore The Conjuring films directed by the prolific James Wan (Insidious, Star Trek Beyond, Aquaman, multiple Fast & Furious films) and starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farminga as Ed and Lorraine Warren, respectively. The films have been successful enough to create a Conjuring “Universe”, a set of movies, of varying quality, spun off from the main Conjuring films. Movies like Annabelle, The Nun, Annabelle Comes Home and a few more. Well, I’m happy to report that after the success of the first 2 Conjuring films, the cast and filmmakers are returning for The Conjuring 3. They’ve released this cool “First Look” trailer, which you can check out right here:

I think this is a cool new direction to take the series in. Each of The Conjuring films have been based on “actual events” to one degree or another, so I’m happy to see that tradition continue. The film’s writer David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick wrote on Twitter that “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is a completely different movie than the first two. The franchise is expanding beyond the ‘haunted house’ formula.“. The premise of a man on trial for murder, pleading innocent by reason of demonic possession, sounds like a lot of fun. Even though there has been a supernatural/courtroom drama before, in the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose from Scott Derrickson, director of The MCU’s Doctor Strange, this sounds just different enough to make me really excited to see this when it hits… theaters… or streaming… or who fucking knows? It was originally scheduled for a September 2020 release, but obviously that didn’t happen. I don’t care what form it’s released in, I know I’ll see it!

Some of the monsters and demonic entities from The Conjuring Universe

I also wanted to show you all that Warner Bros., has been releasing some excellent behind-the-scenes content, documentaries, and interviews lately. Considering that Warner Bros. is such a massive company, with so many different intellectual properties at their disposal, there has been an incredibly eclectic amount of film and TV related content released over the last few weeks, and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s a new marketing initiative to get fans excited about upcoming projects or something? Regardless of the reason, I’ve seen some incredibly interesting videos pop up on everything from Batman: The Animated Series and The Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy to Harry Potter and Supernatural. Now, Warner Bros. has released this fantastic behind-the-scenes look at The Conjuring series. It shows you all the writers, directors, producers, actors, special fx, make up design. and everything it takes to create a movie like The Conjuring, let alone an incredible series of films! It’s really interesting and I highly encourage you to give her give it a watch!

So are you looking forward to The Conjuring 3? What are some of your secret horror movie series? Please let me know in the comments below!

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PODCAST: Aquaman Review (SPOILERS)!

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Aquaman is the latest entry in the DCEU or “The Worlds of DC” as it’s officially called… but FUCK THAT! They’re stuck with the DCEU as far as I’m concerned! Name your own movie universe or someone else will do it for you, dammit!  You don’t get to, all of us sudden, finally give a name to already struggling, shitty Movie Universe after it’s been in existence for five goddamn years! (Ok… deep breat… rant over.) 


My father (though I’m still holding out hope that my biological father is the mailman) Paul Sr. and I just came out of the new AQUAMAN film and decided to have a little discussion about it. We do go into some SPOILER territory, so BEWARE. 

6A84D823-AF01-453B-B573-DCDBA5DD220E   With movies like this, we usually do a deep dive spoiler filled review, covering the entire film from beginning to end,  analyzing the story, as well as  the characters. This time was a little different, because we basically just sat around and had a conversation about the film. What we liked, what we didn’t like, our thoughts and the characters and the action sequences, etc. 

B9378D86-5C1F-4017-9191-47AE3BEE42221A03354B-9182-40B7-AADA-92DC0F638987So, while we do discuss some spoilers, there aren’t nearly as many as other episodes of The World’s Best Podcast. We discuss Jason Mamoa in the title roll, Amber Heard as Mera, the villains: King Orm AKA Ocean Master & Black Manta, as well as where the films falls in quality among the other DCEU films. All this excitement and so much more on the latest episode of The World’s Best Podcast! Listen here or subscribe on Stitcher and iTunes 






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Check Out These Awesome New AQUAMAN Movie Character Posters!

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   Aquaman is fast approaching it’s release date and I am filled with both extreme excitement and dread. Everything I’ve seen from the trailers and promotional material looked fantastic. Despite how unbelievably cool the trailer looks, we all know how, now more than ever, a great trailer doesn’t make a good movie (cough*suicidesquad*cough). It seems like director James Wan could be delivering on some really unique and fun world building. Seeing Atlantis and characters like Black Manta, Ocean Master, and even creatures like The Trench, being brought to life is so thrilling. Just a quick aside, even though we really do get some terrible superhero movies, we should appreciate this golden age of having some of our most wonderful dreams from our favorite comic books brought to life on the big screen and TV. Anyway, I love how Wan even managed to give us the classic Aquaman costume. Which brings me to another point, despite how much I dislike Justice League, I thought Jason Momoa did a great job for what they gave him. So he definitely has the charisma to make Aquaman a memorable hero, if he’s given a good film to showcase the character. 

   It’s really a shame the way DC chose to go about making these films. As I sit here writing this article, I’m imagining all the cool things that could have been had they just taken their time and done movies like Wonder Woman, Aquaman (God willing), and yes even Man of Steel, from the beginning and then built on that. 

  I really think the wild card here, that makes this film stand out from other movies from The Worlds of DC (Yes, that is now the official name for the DC Cinematic Universe) is the director, James Wan. He’s a prolific filmmaker behind some excellent movies in completely different genres (Insidious, The Conjuring 1 & 2, Furious 7). He’s also directing the pilot and executive producing the upcoming new, live action Swamp Thing series on the streaming service DC Universe. I find myself coming out of his films thinking that what I saw wasn’t just a great action movie or a great horror movie, but just a great movie period. I’m cautious optimistic that he’s going to crush this flick.

   So, over at EW.com they had a set of new character posters for the upcoming Aquaman film. If this movie ends up being good at all, I think I definitely might have to snag a Black Manta or Aquaman poster (I think those are the 2 coolest ones). I honestly think they all look pretty cool though. Take a look below. Which character posters are your favorite? Are you guys looking forward to Aquaman as much as I am? Or do you think it’s going to be a Suicide Squad level disaster? Please let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading!



Aaaaaaaand I’m sorry, I’m not proud of it, but I had to include this picture…