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I was late to the party when it came to Arcane. I’ve been hearing for months that the Netflix animated series was fantastic, so this week I finally sat down and watched the first season. Man, this show lived up to the hype and then some!

Set in the utopian city Piltover and it’s oppressed underground of Zaun, the story follows orphaned sisters, Vi and Powder, whose lives have been shaped by tragedy, loss, and betrayal. The sisters eventually find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict, that’s ready engulf both Piltover and Zaun -and possibly tear them apart forever.

Sisters, Vi and Powder, shortly after the death of their parents.

However, before they’re eventually ripped apart, for a time, the sisters seemed to have carved out something resembling a happy life. As the big sister, Vi has always been deeply protective of Powder. Despite it’s problems, their remains a glimmer of a sense of community among the people of Zaun, and the sisters are able to make a home in The Undercity. They even develop a surrogate family, forming strong bonds with others just trying to scrape by in the unforgiving Zaun.

Despite it’s appearance as a gleaming, steampunk metropolis, Piltover is a city divided: The affluent, prosperous city above…


…and the crime-ridden Zaun or The Undercity, as its most commonly referred to, ravaged by poverty, crime, and addiction. Piltlover’s police force/military, The Enforcers, are responsible for keeping the peace in the whole city. Yet they abuse their power and victimize the more vulnerable people in Zaun, the people they’re supposed to protect. The real power in The Undercity belong to kingpins and crime lords, all too happy to keep the corrupt Enforcers and Council Members who run the city, in their pockets.

Zaun or The Undercity

After another tragic, personal loss, involving a bloody showdown with Silco, one of the cities most powerful and dangerous crime lords, the sisters are abruptly and unwillingly separated.

Neither sister is completely certain what happened to the other. If there’s one the two have in common, it’s that they’re survivors. So, while separated, both sisters do what they have to do to survive.

Vi, all grown up

Years pass, and Vi finally returns home. Determined to find her sister, Vi receives help from the last place she’d expect, a rookie Enforcer named Caitlyn. The only daughter from a wealthy family in upper Piltover, Caitlyn is one of the only Enforcers who isn’t corrupt. Unlike many of her colleagues, she genuinely wants to help people in need.

Caitlyn: The only honest Enforcer in Piltover

As she accomplices Vi to The Undercity, she shares Vi’s disgust with what has happened to her home. With Silco now the undisputed Kingpin of Zaun, The Undercity has sunk into chaos. Drugs, violence, and crime have ravaged this once tight knit community. Vi holds Silco responsible for turning her home into as cesspool, as well as her separation from her sister.

Powder is long gone. Now, there’s only JINX.
Silco & Jinx: The Undercity’s creepiest power couple.

Unfortunately, Vi’s sister is not the sweet little girl that she once knew. Now going by the name Jinx, she works for Silco as his right hand woman and surrogate daughter (with some slightly creepy sexual undertones). Jinx is feared as a dangerous, and seriously unhinged, part of Silco’s operati|on. Does Jinx even want to be “saved” by her sister? Or is she too far gone?

This is a phenomenal series. Flawless pacing, gorgeous and dynamic animation, as well as incredible voice performances, Arcane is simply a story well told, on EVERY level. This show would still be killer,even if the animation wasn’t top notch, but Arcane boasts beautiful animation that rivals blockbuster studios like Pixar. There are a lot of fight scenes in this series and that’s where the animation really shines. Each fight is telling a story. The fights never get repetitive because they’re all unique and dynamic. I found myself rewinding and rewatch certain fight sequence four or five times because the creators bring so much to each scene.

Every character feels real and fleshed out. Arcane understand that no one thinks they’re the villain of their own story. Characters with the noblest of intentions find themselves morally compromised, crossing ethical lines in service of a greater good. Men and women we would label villains or monsters, display unexpected love and compassion. All of Arcane’s characters are nuanced and well written, there are no “good guys“ and “bad guys“. Even Silco, the character who could most easily be described as the “villain“, has some of the most compassionate and vulnerable moments in the entire series. Just like the real world, people exist across an entire moral spectrum of complex emotions. While It’s easy to throw around labels like, “The Bad Guy” or “Villain”, the truth is often much more complicated. People aren’t born evil, they’re shaped into the person they become through the trauma and tragedy they experienced. It’s a refreshing change of pace because we rarely see this kind of sophisticated storytelling.

It wasn’t until after I finished watching the first season of this excellent show, that I found out it was actually based on a video game. Now I have no idea what kind of game this is, is it an RPG? A fighting game? I don’t know. The point is that this world and these characters are entirely new to me. Yet through Arcane’s incredible storytelling and compelling characters, I totally fell in love with this world and the characters who live in it. I was in! 100%!

As I mentioned before the voice work in this series is extremely impressive, led by Hailee Steinfeld who plays Vi. Hailee Steinfeld has been crushing it this year with great performances in Arcane and Hawkeye. who plays the lead character by. This series is just excellence across-the-board. I almost forgot to mention the show’s great music. Arcane has one of the best soundtracks for a series that I’ve come across in awhile. If you’re looking for something to dive into now that The Book of Boba Fett and Peacemaker have wrapped up their seasons, Arcane is the show to watch. Simply put, Arcane is a storytelling masterpiece. This series gets my highest recommendation!

Heavy lies the head that wears the crown…

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Rick And Morty: Season 4! New Trailer & New Videos!

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Even if it’s just a small dose, I’ll take as much RIck and Morty in my life as I can get! This week we had two pretty cool Rick and Morty videos drop. First up is the new trailer announcing that the series returns Sunday, May 3rd at 11:30pm on Adult Swim to wrap of the last episodes of Season 4. Personally, it almost didn’t matter to me what was shown in the trailer, I love this series and I’m just excited to have it back. I don’t min patiently waiting for the rest of Season 4 (as long as those pricks are hard at work on Season 5, anyway…). Check out the new trailer:

Rick and Morty is so insane that you can’t make much of a prediction about what will happen in the back half of Season 4. However, I remember when the trailer for Season 3 was released and it had a brief piece of dialogue that, even out of context, had me laughing my ass off every time I watched the trailer. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite Morty moments in the series. Here’s the Season 3 trailer, take a quick look and I’ll point out the moment that fucking kills me every time:

  I LOVE the moment in the trailer when clearly some crazy shit is going while Morty and Beth are standing in the driveway to the house. Morty is already clearly furious So when a never before seen neighbor hears the ruckus next door, he pops his head over the fence and asks “Everything OK over here?”. A now ENRAGED Morty whips his head in the neighbor’s direction and screams “MIND YOU OWN GODDAMN BUSINESS, GENE!”. It’s a small moment, but I love it. The brief exchange even serves Morty’s series long character arc. That moment is actually from the Season 3 episode The Whirly Dhirly Conspiracy. With RIck off on the other side of the universe with Jerry, Summer tries to to use one of Rick’s gadgets to make her tits bigger. in classic RIck and Morty fashion, the  situation goes sideways real fucking fast.

The other RIck and Morty video the we got this week actually came out before the trailer for the upcoming new episodes. The anime-style clip, which is about 5 minutes long, is stylized mix of Samurai Jack, Kill Bill, and Lone Wolf and Cub. Surprise, surprise, Rick is the Wolf and Morty is the cub. Unlike the announcement trailer, I actually think there might be a few clues in this video that may be referencing some of the show’s series long mysteries. Watch it right here and I’ll give you a couple of my theories below:

I may be reading too much into this, but just go with me here for a second. During the clip called “Samurai and Shogun”, Samurai RIck is traveling through the countryside with a Morty. Portals begin to open around them, and Samurai RIck is attacked by a group of Ninja Ricks. Samurai RIck takes them out one by one, but the leader of the Ninja Ricks is given the most attention: The One-Eyed Ninja Rick, wearing an eye patch. 

In the series, Rick is only really attacked by other Ricks like this when it has something to do with The Citadel of Ricks. The first time the audience was introduced to The Citadel of Ricks was also when we first encounter “Evil Morty”. This version of Morty has seemingly achieved RIck-level intelligence and is even more ruthless than our Earth C-137 Rick. He is a mastermind hiding in plain sight. Evil Mortycontrols, or created, a robot RIck, used by Evil Morty to carry out his schemes and protect the secret that Evil Morty even exists. Evil Morty controls his robot Rick through a fake eyepatch that he wears. Evil Morty uses the eyepatch to disguise the technology underneath that he uses to control his robot Rick. One-Eyed Ninja RIck even says the reason for the fight is that they want this Morty because of some special abilities. What’s more “special” than an evil Morty? Back to Samurai and Shogun, whe  Samurai Rick kills all the other Ninjas and the cuts one-eyed Ninja Rick’s head off, it seem like it took him a little too long to die. For a second, I thought he was going to be a robot or something.

I know this doesn’t all completely add up and this little mini Rick and Morty cartoon doesn’t seem like it’s in continuity. I also know there are some big holes in this theory. I’m just suggesting that the folks behind Rick and Morty might want the audience to recall some elements and ideas from previous episodes. It just seems that there are a lot of details added to this video short referencing Evil Morty and some of the other over arcing elements of the series. The eyepatch, Evil Morty, The Citadel of Ricks, etc. Anyway, I’m psyched for the rest of Season 4 of Rick and Morty!

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SUPER BOWL 2020 Movies & TV Trailers!

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Super Bowl LIV airs tonight on FOX! Even though I’m not a massive sports fan, I look forward to the game every year. The Super Bowl is where some of the coolest and most highly anticipated movies and TV shows of the coming year will debut new trailers! It’s always exciting to see which projects we will get our first look at during the game. Will Marvel give us the trailer for their latest film? Will we get a look at the new series from Netflix? Well, whether you’re watching the game tonight or not, keep it right here at World’s Best Media, where you can easily find all of the new trailers and teasers for your favorite shows and movies! I’ll be updating the site throughout the night, as each new trailer debuts during the game. This will be your one stop shop for Super Bowl Trailers! Just remember to keep checking back for updates!

Black Widow

No Time To Die (Bond)


F9: The Fast Saga

Rick and Morty (Pringles commercial)

Marvel Studios: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier/WandaVision/Loki


Well, that looks like all the big ones for now. If I find any more I’ll be sure to post them. Man, that last promo showing teasers for the Disney+ shows was fucking awesome! They may not have shown a lot, but I did not expect to see that and it was a very pleasant surprise. Anyway, thanks for spending this Super Bowl with me!

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PODCAST: Best TV Shows of 2019!

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2019 was a great year for TV! Streaming services and premium cable networks in particular, have put out some excellent new series over the last year! From shows like WATCHMEN to THE MANDALORIAN, Paul Sr. and I talk about our favorite TV shows of 2019 on this episode of The World’s Best Podcast!

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