Rick And Morty: Season 4! New Trailer & New Videos!

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Even if it’s just a small dose, I’ll take as much RIck and Morty in my life as I can get! This week we had two pretty cool Rick and Morty videos drop. First up is the new trailer announcing that the series returns Sunday, May 3rd at 11:30pm on Adult Swim to wrap of the last episodes of Season 4. Personally, it almost didn’t matter to me what was shown in the trailer, I love this series and I’m just excited to have it back. I don’t min patiently waiting for the rest of Season 4 (as long as those pricks are hard at work on Season 5, anyway…). Check out the new trailer:

Rick and Morty is so insane that you can’t make much of a prediction about what will happen in the back half of Season 4. However, I remember when the trailer for Season 3 was released and it had a brief piece of dialogue that, even out of context, had me laughing my ass off every time I watched the trailer. To this day, it’s still one of my favorite Morty moments in the series. Here’s the Season 3 trailer, take a quick look and I’ll point out the moment that fucking kills me every time:

  I LOVE the moment in the trailer when clearly some crazy shit is going while Morty and Beth are standing in the driveway to the house. Morty is already clearly furious So when a never before seen neighbor hears the ruckus next door, he pops his head over the fence and asks “Everything OK over here?”. A now ENRAGED Morty whips his head in the neighbor’s direction and screams “MIND YOU OWN GODDAMN BUSINESS, GENE!”. It’s a small moment, but I love it. The brief exchange even serves Morty’s series long character arc. That moment is actually from the Season 3 episode The Whirly Dhirly Conspiracy. With RIck off on the other side of the universe with Jerry, Summer tries to to use one of Rick’s gadgets to make her tits bigger. in classic RIck and Morty fashion, the  situation goes sideways real fucking fast.

The other RIck and Morty video the we got this week actually came out before the trailer for the upcoming new episodes. The anime-style clip, which is about 5 minutes long, is stylized mix of Samurai Jack, Kill Bill, and Lone Wolf and Cub. Surprise, surprise, Rick is the Wolf and Morty is the cub. Unlike the announcement trailer, I actually think there might be a few clues in this video that may be referencing some of the show’s series long mysteries. Watch it right here and I’ll give you a couple of my theories below:

I may be reading too much into this, but just go with me here for a second. During the clip called “Samurai and Shogun”, Samurai RIck is traveling through the countryside with a Morty. Portals begin to open around them, and Samurai RIck is attacked by a group of Ninja Ricks. Samurai RIck takes them out one by one, but the leader of the Ninja Ricks is given the most attention: The One-Eyed Ninja Rick, wearing an eye patch. 

In the series, Rick is only really attacked by other Ricks like this when it has something to do with The Citadel of Ricks. The first time the audience was introduced to The Citadel of Ricks was also when we first encounter “Evil Morty”. This version of Morty has seemingly achieved RIck-level intelligence and is even more ruthless than our Earth C-137 Rick. He is a mastermind hiding in plain sight. Evil Mortycontrols, or created, a robot RIck, used by Evil Morty to carry out his schemes and protect the secret that Evil Morty even exists. Evil Morty controls his robot Rick through a fake eyepatch that he wears. Evil Morty uses the eyepatch to disguise the technology underneath that he uses to control his robot Rick. One-Eyed Ninja RIck even says the reason for the fight is that they want this Morty because of some special abilities. What’s more “special” than an evil Morty? Back to Samurai and Shogun, whe  Samurai Rick kills all the other Ninjas and the cuts one-eyed Ninja Rick’s head off, it seem like it took him a little too long to die. For a second, I thought he was going to be a robot or something.

I know this doesn’t all completely add up and this little mini Rick and Morty cartoon doesn’t seem like it’s in continuity. I also know there are some big holes in this theory. I’m just suggesting that the folks behind Rick and Morty might want the audience to recall some elements and ideas from previous episodes. It just seems that there are a lot of details added to this video short referencing Evil Morty and some of the other over arcing elements of the series. The eyepatch, Evil Morty, The Citadel of Ricks, etc. Anyway, I’m psyched for the rest of Season 4 of Rick and Morty!

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