DC’s DOOMSDAY CLOCK Epic Preview & The Premier Of My New Comic Book Podcast!

Hey, guys

Today was the New York Comic Con and one of their biggest panels was a discussion with one of DC’s greatest writers, Geoff Johns about his epic new series Doomsday Clock which features characters from the classic graphic novel Watchmen, crossing over into the DC Universe. Some of you may be immediately turned off by that sentence, but give me a chance to make a case why I think this is going to be really cool. I have some great stuff here to get you excited for Doomsday Clock!

Below, I have all of the covers that have been released for the 12 issue series so far. Plus, a special sneak peek at the first six pages of issue number one which comes out in November. The art by Gary Frank is fantastic. One of the best in the business. I’m also using this opportunity to premiere a new mini podcast I’ll be doing from time to time where I talk exclusively about comics. I was so excited about Doomsday Clock,I figured this would be as good a time as any to finally start with a great topic to discuss. So, this first episode will be me talking about Doomsday Clock and why I think it’ll be pretty cool. It runs a little longer then these mini episodes will normally be, but that’s just because I had to plug some other things we’re  working on. Now please enjoy your first look at Doomsday Clock and the first episode of “Paul Talks Comics” or I’ll come up with some other fucking title, who knows… You know what? Actually “Paul Talks Comics” blows as a title. I’ll figure something out, so stay tuned!

The Covers:





 The First 6 Pages Of Doomsday Clock #1:









Note:  I have a strong feeling that is not Walter Kovacs under that mask

The First Episode Of “Paul Talks Comics” ….it’s a working title:


As always thanks for reading and listening!



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