TRAILER: Christopher Nolan’s TENET!

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Before we get started I have to throw a controversial opinion out there: More often than not, I dislike the work of Christopher Nolan. I know what you’re gonna say “How fucking DARE YOU?!“. Well, put down your pitchforks for a second and hear me out. 

Director Christopher Nolan

     Without a doubt, Christopher Nolan is a great filmmaker. In fact, I’d go so far to say he’s the closest thing we have to a modern day Spielberg. Like Spielberg, Nolan is able to tap in to that formula of “Popcorn and Prestige“. Coined by Will Smith, “Popcorn and Prestige” refers to movies that are both critical and commercial successes. These are films that appeal to mass audiences, but also get serious recognition during award season. Nolan and Spielberg are the only directors I can think of that embody that idea more. Both filmmakers have a lot of Oscar notches under their belts, but those very same films are often huge audience hits as well.

    For me at least, when it comes to Nolan’s movies, The Dark Knight is where the line in the sand is drawn. Up to and including The Dark Knight, I really loved his films. However, after The Dark Knight, I’ve usually disliked Nolan’s subsequent movies. Except Dunkirk which is fucking awesome. I’d like to point out that there’s a big difference between disliking a film and thinking its bad. I’m not saying movies like Inception or Interstellar are necessary bad movies, they just didn’t work for me.

  Now, we have Nolan’s new film Tenet hitting theatres later this year. Starring John David Washington (son of the legendary Denzel Washington) and Robert Pattinson (soon-to-be the latest actor to play The Dark Knight Detective himself, Batman). Though he only has a few roles in major projects under his belt, John David Washington is a very talented actor and his star is on the rise. He’s best known for his work on the HBO series Ballers and his starring role in last year’s Spike Lee movie BlacKKKlansman. I have a feeling that if Tenet is a success (and let’s face it, with Nolan’s track record it probably will be), this will be a big breakthrough for Washington.

   Then there’s Robert Pattinson, anyone following his career at all over the last few years, knows that his talent lies far beyond playing a sparkly vampires in The Twilight Series. He’s currently getting rave reviews for his performance in The Lighthouse with Willem Dafoe. He’s a great actor who often gets unfairly written off as “the Twilight guy”. With Kenneth Branagh and Michael Caine set to appear in the film, at the very least Tenet has a pretty solid cast going for it.

  Like most of Christopher Nolan‘s films, details about Tenet are being kept under wraps. What little we do know describes a action adventure/thriller involving espionage and time travel, which sounds pretty damn cool. take a look at the trailer right here:

Tenet opens on 7/17/20

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3 thoughts on “TRAILER: Christopher Nolan’s TENET!

    1. First of all, I read your “Time” article and I thought it was great. I think you’re dead on in your interpretation of Nolan’s movies as they relate to time. To get your question, I want to reiterate what I tried to say in my article which is just because I don’t necessarily like Inception or Interstellar, that does not mean I think they are bad movies by any definition. I think I was mainly underwhelmed with Interstellar, astronomy and astrophysics are big side interests of mine, so I was definitely primed to enjoy the film. Despite that, I think I’m much more of a Star Wars science-fiction guy, than a 2001 A Space Odyssey science-fiction guy. I think interstellar fell a little too much into the latter category for me. With Inception, I’ve never liked stories that take place in dreams. I feel like it really takes the stakes out of the story because the characters are never really in physical danger. Sure, in Inception they set up a scenario where there are serious consequences to getting lost or dying in the dream, but there was a way for the characters to even get around that scenario. I’m not saying these are the best reasons in the world to dislike a movie, but this is probably the best short answer I could give for why I personally don’t enjoy Interstellar and Inception. I definitely like Interstellar more than Inception. I do love Dunkirk and I am looking forward to Tenet. I appreciate your common question!


      1. Thanks for the elaboration, I understand your POV. I enjoyed both Interstellar and Inception very much as “popcorn” movies, but both of these left a sense of ‘incompleteness’. Dunkirk was outstanding! Have you seen “Memento”?

        Also thanks for liking my article on Nolan’s movies – much appreciated 🙂

        I’m a big lover of sci-fi, have been since my childhood when I got introduced to movies like Star Wars and Tron, and books by Arthur C Clarke and Asimov and Heinlein (somehow I’ve never grew to be a Trekkie!)

        As a lover of sci-fi, the last 10-odd years have been sad for me as I largely see only highly depressing dystopian sci-fi coming out. I’m not against dystopian sci-fi, but too much of only one type of sci-fi gets overwhelming. Hence I was pleasantly surprised, recently, to read Robert J Sawyer (Starplex, MIndscan, Factoring Humanity).


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