Podcast: The Greatest Superheroes & Supervillains Of All Time (Part 1)


Dr. Paul Wright of S.T.A.R. Labs (Formally with The Baxter Building) leading expert of Metahuman biology and Prof. Timothy Cuff of Arkham Asylum, the world’s premiere mind on vigilante psychology, came together to put together the DEFINITIVE list of the greatest super heroes and super villains in this 2-part symposium. Please enjoy! Listen here or on iTunes:



2 thoughts on “Podcast: The Greatest Superheroes & Supervillains Of All Time (Part 1)

  1. I totally loved the first night (haven’t watched night 2 yet), my only nit-pick was that Oliver returning as the Green Arrow would have been more interesting to me if he had been forced into it, since on his show he’s stepped away and I thought last weeks episode he only took the hood back for a night while Diggle was in the hospital. Otherwise, perfection!

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