PODCAST: Paul Guest Stars on Cuff’s Basement!

Hey Everyone,

Paul here…

I recently appeared as a guest on the hit podcast Cuff’s Basement, hosted by longtime friends and contributors to World’s Best Media, Tim Cuff and Ryan McDonald! It’s a hell of a lot of fun, so we decided to include it here for your listening pleasure. On this episode of Cuff’s Basement, we discuss one of the best TV shows of all time, HBO’s The Wire. This was a 4-Part series of episodes that Tim and Ryan we’re recording. Each part had a special guest possessing both encyclopedic knowledge and love of HBO’s The Wire. I was the fourth and final guest, so as the old saying goes: Save the best for last! In all seriousness though, all four installments are very entertaining and thought provoking, so if you enjoy this episode I highly recommend listening to the first 3-Parts of,Cuff’s Basement Presents: The Wire – A Podcast Analysis In 4-Parts! If you happen to be a fan of The Wire, then this is a MUST LISTEN! (Cuff’s Basement is available on iTunes/Apple Podcasts)

For those of you that may not know, The Wire was a series that ran on HBO for five seasons in the early 2000s. This amazing show was equal parts comedy and tragedy. Taking place in Baltimore with a stellar ensemble cast, the show began as an exploration of the Baltimore drug trade. Specially focusing on The Barksdale Organization, the most successful and power drug traffickers in the city and the police unit trying to take this criminal organization down. Unfortunately, higher ups in the department only cared about statistics and arrest numbers. The heads of the department only wanted crime statistics that reflected favorably on them, even though the numbers were not an accurate representation of crime in the city of Baltimore. For political reasons, the bosses in The BPD didn’t want to commit time, money, and manpower to the type of long term investigations that would ultimately yield an actual drop of crime and violence in the city. Yet through a combination of intelligence, subterfuge, determination, and out right luck, this group of officers managed to effectively mount a serious investigation into The Barksdale Organization, without the help or even sometimes permission, of the higher ups in the Police Department.

While the Baltimore drug trade and the Baltimore police department would continue to be a major part of the show throughout its entire run, the series was really a deep examination of a broken American city and how all our major institutions like political representatives, The Police Department, school systems, and the media, ultimately fail the people they’re supposed to serve. Those who attempt to enact real change and reform are ultimately destroyed by the systemic corruption of these broken institutions. The creators of the show once referred to The Wire as a Greek tragedy. The parallel being that, in those stories, nothing good ever comes from mortals mixing themselves up with the gods. In The Wire the gods are the institutions, like City Hall or the public school system for example, and the mortals are the citizens and well-meaning individuals working within those systems. The show was like a mesmerizing novel and it was one of the first series to showcase what the television medium was capable of. Along side The Sopranos, The Wire was a huge part of ushering in the golden age of television that we are experiencing now.

I wanted to include this video, featuring some of the best moments of one of the most iconic characters from The Wire, stick up artist and urban Robin Hood, Omar Little.

Listen here and find out: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/40479434  Or subscribe on Stitcher, Spreaker, iHeartRadio, Deezer, Podchaser, Castbox, Podcast Addict, Google Podcasts, & Apple Podcasts/ITunes…

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*Cuff’s Basement is available on iTunes/Apple Podcasts

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