Podcast: JUSTICE LEAGUE Review (Full-Spoilers)



(Tim giving Diana a little smooch)

In this week’s episode of The World’s Best Podcast with Paul & Tim, Tim and I review the long awaited JUSTICE LEAGUE film. We go FULL SPOILERS right away on this one, so don’t listen until you’ve seen the film. I will say this podcast is a MUST LISTEN. Below I have some very SPOILER filled Show Notes, definitely check them out because there’s some great follow up info in the Show Notes. Enjoy the episode and thanks for listening! As always listen here or check us out on iTunes:






I wanted to cover one or two things that Tim and I talked about in the show including the character Deathstroke and some great DC animated movies.  Check it out below.

Towards the end of the episode, Tim and I discussed the post credit scenes and I commented on how the Deathstroke we see in Justice League is similar to the one we’ve see on the Arrow TV show.  There haven’t been any official pictures of Deathstroke from Justice League releases to as this publication, so this picture quality isn’t 100%. It’s from the test footage Ben Affleck posted on one of his social media accounts months ago. Here are pictures of both:

Deathstroke (Justice League):




Deathstroke (Arrow):






 We also discussed how Tim and I are both big fans of the DC animated films that are released every year. We mentioned two movies in particular as being much better Justice League origin movies than the live action film we’d just watched. Those movies were Justice League: War which is an exciting, modern, action-heavy film with fantastic animation where the League forms to repell an invasion by Darkseid. Justice League: New Frontier is considered one of DC’s best animated features. It’s a period piece that takes place during the Cold War it gives the story and the animation a cool retro vibe. We also briefly mentioned Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, where a Lex Luthor from another reality, in which he’s Earth’s last hero, asks the Justice League for their help.  Lex needs the League to help defeat the evil versions of the Justice League that rule his reality called The Crime Syndicate. All of these are really fun movies, with great animation, voice work,  and most importantly excellent stories and characters. For some reason none of these are available on the major streaming outlets like Netflix or Amazon Prime (they were for a long time), but you can get them on iTunes or Blu-ray. I recommend Blu-ray because the animation looks fantastic in Blu-ray quality HD. I’ll put the Amazon links to each movie below if you want to pick them up (also if you decide to grab one of the movies through our Amazon affiliate link a small piece goes back to World’s Best Media which we always appreciate ).














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