The World’s Best Podcast with Paul & Tim- Thor: Ragnarok (FULL SPOILERS)


Paul and Tim do a deep dive into Marvel’s latest hit movie, Thor: Ragnarok! It’s Superhero Month at World’s Best Media, baby! Surtur The Fire Demon couldn’t stop us from recording this killer podcast! Listen here or subscribe on ITunes:


One thought on “The World’s Best Podcast with Paul & Tim- Thor: Ragnarok (FULL SPOILERS)

  1. Haven’t finished listening to the podcast (my commute’s only a half hour so this may take 2 days, haha) but I think I’m slightly more enthusiastic than you and Tim on this film. I think the fact that it has a very strong main villain in Hela, and a good second tier villain in the Grandmaster and nothing much that I could point to that I didn’t care for puts it in the top tier for me. Although after listening to this podcast, I think Guardians 2 might be rank higher for me. I loved Ego, but all the character work is something I had overlooked.

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