TRAILER: Marvel’s Runaways (A Hulu Original Series)

Hulu dropped their most recent trailer for their attempt to thrown their hat into the Marvel Cinematic Universe ring, THE RUNAWAYS. Check out the trailer and make sure to read below to be eligible for our contest:

Runaways written by Brian K. Vaughn with art by Adrian Alphona was an excellent and wildly unique comic book series when it was first published by Marvel beginning in 2003. It followed a group a teenagers from wealthy L.A. families (who are only really friends with each other because their parents are friends) who find out their parents are actually super villains. We’re talikng mad scientists, sorcerers, kingpins of crime, evil aliens, etc.



(The cast of the show and the cast from the Comics)

One night at one of their semi -regular family get togethers, the kids accidentally witness their parents ritualistically sacrifice an innocent girl. They freak out and “Runaway” together. Their parent have the local police in their pocket. But while they’re figuring out what to do, each of them realizes that they have some kind of superpower or super weapon that their parents intended to eventually pass on to them. I wont spoil what they are because that’s part of the fun, but they’re unique and really cool.


(The Pride: The parents)

So with their new powers and super weapons in tow, they decide to go out on their own to make up for the evil their parents have done and take down their supervillain (current youth oriented colloquialism for ‘parents”), a group that calls themselves The Pride. It’s an incredible book. It’s one of Vaughn’s best creations and that’s saying something. I think the trailer looks cool. They’re definitely following pretty close to the source material. And with a few exceptions, Marvel can be counted on for some pretty solid TV. I’m definitely curious to see if Hulu can deliver a Marvel show at the same level of quality as the best of the Netflix shows. I know I’ll be watching. The show premieres on November 21st so that will be a fun binge over the long Thanksgiving weekend.


SPECIAL BONUS CONTEST!!! The first person who can tell me which of The Runaways’ evil parents has already been briefly seen in a MCU film AND which film specifically they appear in, will get a $15 AMAZON GIFT CARD (Immediately family members are not eligible and friend eligibility will be judged on case by case basis). Send me a message through the “CONTACT” link, which you can find by clicking the upper right corner of the Homepage. If you’re the winner, I’ll respond and get your info to send you the gift card. Contest ends on 11/1/17. NO CHEATING!!!!! Don’t just Google. Knowledge of the films and/or comics are the only way to win this contest.  If you get the answer right, a simple follow up question will be asked to ensure that it was not simply googled before you’re  eligible to claim your prize. Guesses are acceptable as long is the reason behind the guess is given.  Some thought and rationale must be put in into the guess, not just a blind throw of the dart.

HINT: All of these were original characters when Vaughn created them in 2003 (So no Kingpin or Loki or Ultron), but we absolutely have seen one of the parents in a recent Marvel film. I will admit this is a tough one guys.


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