Podcast: The Greatest Summer Movies of All Time Part 2 (with special guest host Ryan McDonald)!!!


Hey guys, here’s the second half of our our two-part Best Summer Movies Of All Time podcast, with our very special guest co-host Ryan McDonald. I posted the link for part 2 below. Also, I want to sincerely apologize to our listeners, both of these episodes had some serious sound quality issues. You can hear our conversation perfectly fine, but there are scratching noises and the microphone being moved, that just lasts for a few seconds (Sounds like my ex-wife!) But it happened enough with both of these podcasts (because we recorded them at the same time) that I thought I should say something. It was completely unintentional, we’ve addressed the problem and it won’t happen again. We really appreciate your patience on this one and again I apologize. The next podcast we have up will be back to normal. Anyway, despite the sound issues, I think the podcast is pretty fun and I think you’ll enjoy it. Part 1 covered some of the older, classic summer blockbusters and Part 2 gets into the more modern age of summer blockbusters. Also don’t worry, Tim will be safe and returned to us by the time we record the next podcast. All our podcasts are also available on iTunes. Listen below:





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