Podcast Ep. 6! The Spider-Man Episode… By Accident!

Amazing Spider-Man #313Artist: Todd McFarlane, 1989 (The Lizard has Spider-man by the neck and is starting to remove his mask.)
Amazing Spider-Man #313 Artist: Todd McFarlane, 1989

Tim returns in the latest episode of “The World’s Best Podcast with Paul & Tim”! Adventures are about the journey not the destination! We intended to talk about a whole bunch of different topics, but we got webbed up talking about everyone’s favorite wall crawler. So we dove head first and just made the whole damn thing a Spider-Man Episode! We talk about the film history, other adaptations, and of course classic Spidey comics. We wrap thing up with my SPOILER FILLED take on the Spider-Man: Homecoming! So please enjoy our podcast unintentionally about the Superior, the Spectacular, the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN!!!!!



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