Prof. Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)

Hi everybody,

I know we don’t usually cover this type of thing at World’s Best Media, but I really felt this was something that needed to be acknowledged. Today it’s important that we mark the passing of the great Stephen Hawking who died today at age 76. Despite being diagnosed with a rare motor nuerone disease he develops in his 20’s that left him wheelchair bound and eventually only able to speak through a voice synthesizer, he was without hyperbole, one of the greatest scientist minds in the history of our species. His groundbreaking work on quantum physics and cosmology were true gifts to mankind. Many of his books are very accessible to the layman and incredibly fascinating. Prof. Hawking’s work will spark the imaginations of scientists, artists, writers, filmmakers, and so many more for centuries to come.  Despite having so much stacked against him, he truly changed the world with his gifted mind. We are all poorer for his loss. If you’re curious about him please look into his work. I’ll be putting links to some of his books on my website. He was a true visionary. Rest well, Professor…



Here are two of his most famous and amateur friendly books collected in one editor: “A Brief History of ziti even” and “The Universe In A Nutshell”.  You can pick them up on Amazon through the link below:






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