PlayStation 4: The Last of Us 2 & Spider-Man

We rarely cover video games on this site. Mainly because we haven’t had much coming out worth covering. I certainly wouldn’t call myself a gamer. In fact, until about 5 years ago I hadn’t picked up a video game controller since highschool.

One night I was meeting some people at a friends place to go catch a movie. When I got to my friends apartment he was playing Uncharted 2. I had vaguely heard something about Uncharted, but I had no idea this was what it was like! This was fucking incredible! It wasn’t like any video game I’d ever seen. I remember thinking “This is like a movie you PLAY!”


So for that past few years, I’m always excited when story driven video games like the Uncharted series come out. The Batman Arkham games where a big deal for me and The Last Of Us… Fuck… I almost don’t even know how to describe The Last Of Us. It was more that a video game or a movie. It was almost like they created their own storytelling medium. The Last Of Us is a masterpiece of gaming and storytelling.



Today, Sony dropped trailers for two of their big 2018 releases. The Last Of Us 2, which looks like it’s going to follow a different group of characters, and Spider-Man which looks like Sony is trying to do for Spider-Man what The Arkham games did for Batman. Both look amazing in their own way and I eagerly await their release in 2018. Check the trailers out below:


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