Hi, everyone! First of all thank you very much for reading my Blog, I really appreciate it.  The Blog is still in its early stages, so hopefully it will continue to evolve. The plan is to put up at least one or two posts each week. Everything ranging from movie reviews to my favorite comic books of the week and much more. Just like any movie, or comic book geek worth their salt, I find myself constantly talking to my friends about characters ideas and concepts from films, books, etc. So I really hope to bring a fresh and interesting perspective to subjects, that haven’t really been touched on before in other places.   Anyway, as I said before I’m still getting the site set up the way I want it  and eventually I’d really love to hear feedback from the readers. So I’ll be setting up an email address shortly so you can contact me directly with questions or comments. Thanks again for reading and all the best!

– Paul


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